We are glad welcome you at the site of Ryazan Association for Transactional Analysis (RATA) – one of the three Russian branches (RATA, SOTA, KATA) of EATA.

Now RATA unites about 70 members principally from Moscow and Ryazan cities.

RATA’s president Dmitri Petrov and vice-president Dmitri Shustov.

Our address: Psychiatric Department of Ryazan State Medical University, 5 Bazhenov st.,  Ryazan – 390008. Tel.: +7 (4912) 754373. E-mail: rata-office@mail.ru

Web-master: Sergey Novikov, novikovsa@inbox.ru

Ryazan is a city with a population of 700 000, situated not far from Moscow, on the bank of Oka river. Ryazan was founded in 1095, and RATA was founded in 1995.

Our activity is concentrated on educational professional programs in the field of TA. We also organize multiple trainings in different cities of Russia. As far as RATA has two PTSTA and one TSTA, we effect long-term programs to prepare our students for CTA and TSTA-exams.

RATA’s main objectives are as follows:

—          Developing the theory and applying TA in medicine, education, social work, business, and other domains connected with personal relations;

—          Collaboration development in the field of TA;

—          Providing the necessary standards of education, certification, and practice;

—          Protection of the rights and interests of RATA’s members.

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